About CityWell

CityWell is a church that exists to help you love God, love people, and live well. We are unafraid to look, talk and do things in new and unique ways. We reach people no one else is reaching because we are willing to do things no one else is doing.

We put it all on the line for Jesus because God isn’t looking for casual Christians, but committed Disciples. We recognize our daily choices matter, so we choose to live in a community with other believers, we choose to use the gifts God has put in us, we choose to be generous, and we choose to have disciplined lives.

We will not let doing ministry distract us from being disciples because we care more about how people are doing than what people are doing. We care more about seeing people grow in their love for Jesus than we do about recurring volunteers. 

We are generous within our church, community, and the universal church. We believe generosity starts when we give out of sacrifice rather than overflow. 

We are just getting started but we are following a God who is able to do more than we could ask or imagines. So we will continue to pray, study scripture, and chase after the Holy Spirit's guidance believing God will continue to grow the vision He has put in us!