Growth & Discipleship

What is a disciple?

Most people don't use the term disciple very often anymore, but in the time of Jesus it was a pretty common. A disciple was a student. Today Christians are called to be students of Jesus. We look to His example and words to help us become more like Him. Along the way we also look to the example of faithful beleivers who lead the way for us.

Where am I on my discipleship journey?

4 Chairs

We love using these 4 chairs to help people identify where they are on their faith journey. This resource can help you discover the steps you can take to keep growing in your faith!

Based on the work of Dan Spader at SonLife Ministries and LikeJesus.



Challenge: Come and See (John1:29)

Needs: Gospel, Answers, & Christian Friends



Challenge: Follow Me (John1:43)

Needs: Identity, Explanations, & Parenting



Challenge: Follow Me...Fish For People (Matthew 4:19)

Needs: Ministry, Opportunity, & Peers



Challenge: Go and Bear Fruit (John 15:16)

Needs: Wisdom, Other Models, & Mentors

Not Sure Where You Are?

That's okay, we all need to start somewhere. We have provided this tool to help you discover your starting place.

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