So You Are Called to Lead A Micro-Church

Our Big 3 Essentials!

We believe God is calling us to reach people in bigger and smaller ways. Micro-Churches are a Kingdom minded expression of church that exists outside of modern standards of church. We believe there are 3 essentials a group needs to possess to be considered a micro-church. These essentials are:

  1. Worship
  2. Community
  3. Mission

Unity Beyond Our Membership

We also know that Jesus pray (see John 17) is that his followers are one as he and the Father are one. Because of this we love listing micro-church expressions where the leaders are not regular part of CityWell's larger gatherings. When you look at our Micro-Church finder you may see two categories of groups: 

  1. CityWell Micro-Church - Gatherings lead by and under the authority of the CityWell family 
  2. Community Micro-Church - Gatherings lead by people outside of CityWell who align well with our mission, vision, values, and theology. 

Let's Do Mission in Community!

If you lead a micro-church expression or dream of starting one we would love to chat. We are here to support you, pray with you, and help others hear about the amazing work God is calling you to! 

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