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When and Where do you meet?

This one is tricky...We don't have a public meeting location yet!

Since the fall of 2021 we have met in livingrooms, parks, and other common places as micro-churches. Moving into 2023 we are activly searching for a larger weekly gathering location.

Brief History

In March of 2020 the Grick family shared with Morgantown Community Church, a church they had helped pastor for over a decade, that God was leading them to step away and plant a church in Coatesville. With the blessing of MCC's leadership, the Gricks and a small group of people began the work of planting CityWell.

Over the next year and a half, that group organized as a team, hosted events, created a high quality live stream, and more. Everything we did was with the intention of launching a large Sunday Morning Gathering. We believed this gathering would be the springboard for everything else God was calling us to do in Coatesville.

As we moved into the fall of 2021 God began speaking to our hearts to take CityWell underground. Rather than larger and loud we began serving quietly and faithfully. Our team gathered weekly in the Grick Family's living room on a weekly basis and regularly looked for ways to serve the community in Jesus name.

During this season God was working to create unique relationships between us and others in the community. Our view of the weekly gathering drastically shifted. We no longer saw large gatherings as the springboard for ministry. God was calling us to have weekly gatherings where we could celebrate everything God was doing throughout the week and receive a filling of the Spirit and Word of God to keep living on mission.

During the fall of 2022 the Holy Spirit again was speaking to several of the families saying that it was time to begin working on a public worship service again. Are are actively working to secure a location, organize, and begin a weekly gathering.

Our story is just getting started and we are wondering if you found this page because God want's you to be a part of it. Please reach out to learn about how you can get involved!

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