3 Reasons The Church Is The Best Investment

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Every day, dozens of organizations appeal to us for help. Whether it’s sad music and frightened animals tugging our heart strings for a donation or the empty stares of malnourished children reminding us that clean water and bountiful food aren’t readily available in many parts of the world, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of opportunities to be generous with our time and money.

We can invest in a number of good causes — and we should — but there is only one organization that will make an eternal impact and that’s the local church.

3 Reasons The Church Is The Best Investment

1. The Church was created by Jesus.

In Matthew 16:18, Jesus says He will build His Church. This is the first time the word “church” appears in the New Testament. No other organization can claim it was created by the Creator. By starting the Church, Jesus started a movement — people united around the idea that through one man we can have a relationship with God and by following Him we can change the world.

2. The Church is the way we change the world.

Jesus established the way to change the world by establishing the Church (Matthew 28:18-20). Many organizations aim to change the world, but only the Church has the ability to do it. God’s plan to change the world is the global Church working in unity to change the hearts of all people by telling them about Jesus.

The Gospel changes people’s hearts, creating a lasting change the affects our families, our friends and our communities. We might be able to muster up the ability to change our behavior for a little while, but what happens when willpower isn’t enough? We stop fighting and give in. We go back to the familiar pattern of sin. Only Jesus can change us from the inside out. Only a relationship with Him can stop abuse, hunger, addiction and cruelty at their roots.

3. The Church outlasts everything.

The Church will never fall away. Jesus created the Church, but He said nothing will overcome it (Matthew 16:18). We can know Jesus’ word is true and our investment in the Church will never fail, because Jesus did everything He ever said He would do — including coming back from the dead. The Church is the only organization that has been in existence for over 2,000 years, and it will outlast everything else because everything else is based on the temporary while the Church is based on the eternal.

Christians should be the most generous people on the planet. We should give to charitable causes, but no organization takes the place of the local church.

Only the Church has the power to make an investment that could change someone's life forever. The Church is the best investment because it invites people to an eternal impact — meeting Jesus.

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