Serve Day

Serve Day is an amazing opportunity to bless others and to be blessed as we go out into our communities to show the love of Christ through real and tangible ways. Thousands of other ministries will be serving across America this day, including some in Coatesville. 

2021 Projects:

  1. Apartment Prep - We have partnered with a local organization that owns an apartment for families in need. It recently became vacant and needs some work to prepare for the next family. 
  2. Basement Cleanout  - Good Samaritan Services provides Housing Support Services for families in the Coatesville area and beyond. The hustle and bustle of life have left their basement needing a little TLC. We will help remove trash and organize. 
  3. Water Bottle Ministry  - Looking for a great way to bless the community? What about showing up with free water on a hot day. We will provide everything you need. 

2020 Recap

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