Is 🤣 Dead? Is 💀funny? Is Gen Z Ready to Lead?

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Written by Pastor DJ Grick

I have never been great at keeping up with pop culture. Actually, I have never tried. But there are some things you pick up naturally without thinking about. One of those things is responding to the majority of the text I receive with "🤣." I don't know when or how it happened but It's a normal part of my life now.

A few weeks ago I was texting with someone in their early twenties and their response to a text I expected them to find funny was "💀." I had no clue what it meant. Apparently, it means "I'm dead" or "I am laughing to death." WHAT?  This makes just about as much sense to me as the complements "That's sick" or "That's bad." Anyway, I am discovering that I am becoming dated in my use of emojis. 

Over the last week or so TikTok has had my generation and the one following us arguing about what is now popular. 

This is a reminder for me that even in the early days of launching CityWell we need to be looking to open the door wide to future generations helping shape the culture and voice of Citywell Church. 

There is no better time than these early days to invite young leaders to the table. To provide them a chance to use their passions to further the Kingdom of God. 

Throughout history, the church has had a love/hate relationship with the culture. We have feared change because we are convinced it's not as holy as what was done in the past. Then after things aren't cool anymore then the church starts doing them thinking "now we will reach people." 

I have a vision for CityWell to be a church that pushes the boundaries of creativity. That embraces areas of the culture that can be redeemed. That boldly opens the door to the next generation to be part of what's happening. 

We will never change the message of scripture or water down the Gospel, but we will change our communication and processes if it helps us reach the next generation.  

Are you ready to help launch a church?

So Mr. "Skinny Jeans should be burnt and anyone who uses "🤣" has to be over 30"...are you ready to help us launch a church? Are you ready to speak into culture, communication, marketing, music, processes, hospitality, and more? Are you ready to put the gifts, passions, and abilities God has put in you to work? 

We have room for you! 

I would love the opportunity to grab a cup of coffee, hear your heart and share ours! Interested? Text, E-Mail, or DM me and we can set something up. 

Text: 610-590-8550

E-mail: DJ@CityWell.Church

Instagram: @DJGrick

PS. I have never thought skinny jeans were cool.

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