Money Won’t Solve Your Problems

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Think winning the lottery would solve your problems?

Consider this: The majority of people who win the lottery are in more debt after they win than they ever had before. It seems backward. Wouldn’t a person’s life be changed by the huge amount of money they could now use to get themselves in order?

Money is not the answer to your problems. More money won’t fix your relationship troubles. It won’t keep your family happy. And money definitely can’t buy us approval in God’s eyes. As appealing as more money seems, wealth won’t resolve our deepest needs.

The Root of Evil

Perhaps you’ve heard money called “the root of all evil,” but that’s not correct. The Bible actually teaches that “a love of money is a root of all kinds of evil” (1 Timothy 6:10).

Did you notice that? A love of money leads to evil, not money itself.

If the issue isn’t money, what is it? The human heart is where the problem lies. Our souls are filled with selfishness and corruption (Jeremiah 17:9). No matter what kind of cleaned-up, pleasant exterior we present, our hearts still have the inclination to sin.

Money is merely a tool. It’s not inherently bad, and it’s not inherently good. What matters is how we use it.

Greater Value

God knows our problems go deeper than financial turmoil, irresponsible spending or whatever ways we misuse money. The only remedy for our financial woes is to transform our hearts, not just our wallets.

The only remedy for our financial woes is to transform our hearts, not just our wallets.

When we value money more than God, we’re committing idolatry. We’re worshiping the gift rather than the Giver.  God is a generous Father who provides for His people. It’s our job to trust Him instead of trusting our finances (Matthew 6:26).

God invites us to find our identity and security in Him, not our money. Even when our finances fail, we have a loving God who will be with us to the end. In the midst of whatever financial situation we’re in, one thing is true: we have greater riches by knowing Him than any dollar amount can promise (Philippians 4:19).

When we surrender to Jesus, trust He is good, and give Him leadership of our lives, we find Jesus is the answer to our troubles unlike anything financial wealth can solve.

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