The Manhood Catechism

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Over the last few years of raising a boy I developed a series of question that I ask and statements I say to help develop him into a healthy young man. Eventually it became obvious that what was developing would historically have been considered a catechism.

As I have shared some of these fathers have often asked "Can you send my your list so I don't need to start from scratch?" This is that list. But let me caution you that each thing on this list was developed for the needs of my son in our community context. The list needs developed and changed for your son and his needs.

What is a Catechism? 

cat·e·chism/ˈkadəˌkiz(ə)m/ noun
a series of fixed questions, answers, or precepts used for instruction in other situations.

Oxford Languages

Historically catechisms where used as a way of teaching. At times throughout history students didn't only memorize the answer, they memorized the question also. Today those failure with this model of teaching associate it historic Christian denominations, but catechisms where also regularly used in public education in the 1700's and 1800's.

How Do I use This List?

My family has a pretty consistent bedtime routine, so most nights I sit on my son's bed and give him a hug and kiss goodnight. I like lingering a little and spending just a few minutes talking and listening to him. This is usually the time we review our manhood catechism.

Sometimes when he is having a bad moment or needs discipline I will just ask one of the questions below like "How do men behave?" He answers and quickly and usually knows it's time to change his behavior.

My list keeps growing and developing. Sometimes things are added when I know he had someone setting a bad example for my son. Other times the list tweaks because of struggles I see in him.

The important thing for me is that I am consistent with this. It's not a tool I bash over his head when he makes mistakes. We talk about true manhood several times a week. My goal is to work the manhood muscles and help him develop into a God fearing, strong, confident, and caring man. 

Question and Answer: 

Q. How do you treat ladies?

A. With respect and honor

Q. How do you treat everyone?

A. With Love.

Q.  Why did God give you strength? 

A. To protect my family and work hard.

Q. How do men behave? 

A. With self-control

Finish The Sentence: 

Dad: Men do what is...

Son: right over what is easy. 

Dad: Men learn from... 

Son: their mistakes and others. 

Final Reminder: 

Dad: How much does your dad love you? 

Son: Lots and Lots for ever and ever

Dad: Never forget it! 

Son: No Way Jose.

Dad: No way Jose! 

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