I want to ask you to pause and pray specifically for CityWell's launch location.

One of my favorite patterns of Scripture is that God is often the God of the Last Minute. God regularly shows up once it seems impossible. We have been kind of approaching one of those moments. 

The vendor who is supplying the majority of our equipment for our launch needs to know our location by the end of May to meet deadlines...yeah we are close

Last Monday we didn't have a single option on the table that was close to our requirement list. Since then two possibilities opened up.

The first is our ideal location but they need a staff member to be willing to work overtime to let us in...no one wants to. To add another struggle even if they find a staff member there is another church ahead of us (at a different site) who will receive staffing first. They are trying to use a third-party vendor to make this work and will have an answer to us by Friday on whether this is a possibility. 

The second is a little outside of our target area but would be an amazing, well-known, easily accessed location. Being farther from Coatesville we would need to be even more intentional about being a missional influence in the city. I'm meeting with the management of the location on Friday for a site visit and discussion/negotiation

I'm convinced God uses times like this to build our faith and testimony. Please join me in praying that He opens one of these doors really wide and makes our next step clear. 


-DJ Grick

PS. We have an Interest Hangout Event at Caln Park on June 5th at 5 pm. We would love for you to join us for Ice Cream. Who knows maybe we will announce our launch location that night. ;-)

Event Link: https://fb.me/e/1yU7tI3Qk