I'm God's Favorite

6/8/2024 -

Welcome to our new series, "Created Equal," as we explore the profound truths from the book of James. In this first sermon, "I'm God's Favorite," Pastor DJ Grick dives deep into James 2:1-13 to uncover God's perspective on favoritism and how it shapes our relationships with others.

Join us as we journey through the scripture, learning that God’s love and grace extend beyond societal status and physical appearances. Pastor DJ emphasizes that God does not play favorites; He views each of us individually and equally. Whether you're feeling overlooked or overly confident, this message reassures you that we all start from the same place in God's eyes – created in His image and loved unconditionally.

Discover the liberating truth that with God, our worth isn’t determined by our titles, positions, or outward attributes. Instead, it’s our heart’s posture towards Him that matters. This sermon challenges us to reflect on our own hearts and how we perceive and treat others.

Be inspired to see beyond human biases and embrace the divine equality we all share. Let’s delve into how God’s impartiality calls us to live and love without favoritism.

📖 Scripture Reference: James 2:1-13

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