Don't Judge Me


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Don't Judge Me - Created Equal

DJ Grick - 6/22/2024

Dive into a profound exploration of James 2:1-13 with Pastor DJ Grick in the sermon titled “Don’t Judge Me.” Addressing the challenging themes of judgment and favoritism, this message is a call to embody the true, merciful nature of Christ in our everyday interactions.

In a powerful opening, Pastor DJ reads a striking Facebook post that resonates deeply with the struggles of many who feel judged or ostracized by the church. This sets the stage for an honest discussion about the pervasive issue of judgmental attitudes within Christian communities.

Through the lens of James 2:1-13, Pastor DJ contrasts the treatment of "Fine Clothes Frank" and "Shabby Clothes Sam," urging us to reflect on how we often judge others based on appearances. He challenges us to consider whether we are truly living out the command to "love your neighbor as yourself," especially when it comes to those who are different from us.

The sermon delves into the nuances of judgment in Scripture, differentiating between holding fellow believers accountable and the broader command to extend mercy. Pastor DJ emphasizes that while we are called to uphold standards within the church, our default posture toward others should be one of mercy and compassion.

Join us as we seek to understand how to balance truth and grace, aiming to become a community where mercy triumphs over judgment.

📖 Scripture Reference: James 2:1-13