That's My Seat


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That's My Seat - Created Equal

- 6/15/2024

Join us for an enlightening sermon, “That’s My Seat,” where Pastor DJ Grick unpacks James 2:1-13, confronting the challenge of favoritism within the church. Through a powerful narrative and the parable of the homeless pastor, we are called to reflect on how we welcome and value every individual in our community. In this sermon, Pastor DJ Grick shares the legendary story of Pastor Jeremiah Steepek, who disguised himself as a homeless man to test his new congregation's hospitality. This tale, though fictional, serves as a poignant reminder of how easily we can fall into the trap of valuing outward appearances over the heart. Drawing from James 2:1-13, we explore the profound truth that God calls us to love without favoritism. Whether it's "Fine Clothes Frank" or "Shabby Clothes Sam," each person is created in God’s image and deserves honor and respect. Pastor DJ challenges us to move beyond superficial judgments and to see others as God sees them – with mercy and love. Watch this sermon to deepen your understanding of how true discipleship means breaking down barriers and embracing everyone with Christ-like love. 📖 Scripture Reference: James 2:1-13